Briyani - A Healthy Winter Food

As all of our prep for our prepping for the cold weather, this December people look for dishes that satisfy their urge for good food. Briyani is one dish that ticks all the boxes for this winter as it gives both the pleasure of having a satisfying meal and brings us out of the chilling cold. In particular, Dum briyani is the sought-out dish amongst briyani lovers during this time. Tik Tok Briyani is the best place for you to get homemade bucket briyani in Coimbatore. With the strong customer base for their highly-rated 1kg bucket briyani, Tik Tok Briyani serves its customers the authentic bucket briyani at the best price.

After a long tiring week from your professional work, it is very common for you to search in the online platform for the best bucket briyani near me. The perfect way to enjoy the weekend with your family and friends are with Tik Tok bucket briyani. We understand during the weekends or during this season you would feel too much to travel outside for a meal and that’s the reason when you order your beloved bucket briyani with us we deliver our tasty bucket briyani to your doorstep so that you could enjoy this delicious dum briyani right at the comfort of your home.


Why an authentic bucket briyani cooked in dum style is healthy enough?

Traditional dum biryani was first brought to India by the Mughals where it was cooked with containers sealed in steam by placing hot coal on top of them. Centuries have passed but yet this very style is the most popular method to cook an authentic briyani. Tik Tok Briyani cooks its chicken bucket briyani and mutton bucket briyani in the dum briyani style to give the dish an authentic taste and to serve our customers with juicy meat.

Let's see how an authentic dum briyani is cooked:

  • Use the right oil in required proportion and sauté the spices to a golden-brown condition to give the perfect taste and aroma.
  • Make sure the meat pieces are tender and big in size so that the essence of the briyani is absorbed by the meat and gives you a juicy texture.
  • Experienced chefs do not store the spices used in briyani for a longer period. It is common to see freshly grounded spices being used in briyani for an authentic flavour.
  • After soaking the rice long enough it’s cooked separately.
  • All left is the amalgamation of the cooked rice and the marinated meat inside the large pot.
  • Later the large pot is placed on low flame for 15-20 minutes and hot pieces of coal is placed on top of the large pot. The vessel is then sealed with dough so that the aroma and flavour gets locked inside the briyani and cooks the meat. This is the time where the ‘Dum’ comes into play.
  • This makes the biryani come out decent with the tang of the meat and the flavors so when it arrives at your table, your mouth will have even more urge to water.