Love for Briyani

Unlike other foods, Briyani in itself represents celebration, special occasion, joy and epitome of flavour. This the reason briyani remains one of the widely consumed dishes in India. To give this much-loved dish even more special touch people created briyanis with flavour that highlights their locality or region and thus how briyani is found in different flavours. Briyanis are made both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian style but it’s the latter that is revered and loved widely among the lovers of this cuisine.

Craze for Homemade Briyanis

Since briyanis have now been sold by restaurants and hotels for decades avid briyani lovers found the taste of the dish not satisfactory except for some countable establishments. This is when the demand for homemade style briyanis grew and became a sensation which is still alive even today. Homemade briyanis are known for their preparation style, absence of artificial flavours and authentic style.

Best Homemade Briyani in Coimbatore

In an effort to serve people the best homemade briyanis in Coimbatoe TikTok Briyani prepares its briyani dishes the authentic way with the right amount of flavour. We use fresh ingredients and to do not compromise on the method of preparation of our dishes. Briyanis are dishes that spread love as you share a meal with your family and friends and here at TikTok we aspire our briyanis to reciprocate that same feeling.

Our specialty is bucket briyani and this was designed specifically for our customers to share the delicious cuisine with their loved ones without being worried about the limit it would hold. When preparing briyanis it is made in a hygienic way so that our customer's health is always at its best. As years to come TikTok Briyani s confident of spreading its love through its homemade bucket briyani in Coimbatore.